The day we entered Piran we had traveled with the wrong company. The night before we stayed at the wrong place. Our muscles were sore and we could barely hold it together. And then we walked out of the car and entered the marina of Piran. All bad vibes were immediately washed away by the incredible charm we were surrounded with.

Much like in Venice it doesn’t feel you’re in Piran. Instead, it feels as if Piran is into you and the more you see from this lovely little town the more you’re stuck with the desire to stay there. Forever.

If you’ve visited I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. And if you’d like a little reminder of this place, or if you’d like to make a friend happy – then go ahead and grab yourself a pillow!

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Size Chart

Measurement Unit Height Width
Inches 18 18
Centimeters 46 46